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Program: Rapid Access Clinic

Agency: Island Health

Resource Number: 17651916
Provides quick access to a one-time mental health assessment for adults experiencing mental health and or substance use issues. Services include treatment planning, detox referral, single-session brief therapy, psycho-education, and referral to community resources.

Program Phones:
250-709-3040Business Line

Website: www.islandhealth.ca/our-services/mental-health-substance-use-services/rapid-access-clinic-rac-duncan

Location information
Sites offering this program
+ 3088 Gibbins Road, Duncan ->
3088 Gibbins Road, Duncan  
Location: 3088 Gibbins Road
Duncan, BC V9L 1E8

Hours of operation
ProgramAtSite Hours:
Closed statutory holidays

ProgramAtSite Hours:


Mailing Address: 3088 Gibbins Road, Duncan, BC V9L 1E8

Program Delivery
Languages: English
Application Process: Self-referral accepted. Drop-in service only; no appointment required.
Defined coverage area(s), for the Program offered at selected Site:
BC-Cowichan Valley Region-Duncan

Custom fields
Disabilities Access?Yes
Service Delivery MethodIn Person
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